Dale Claude Lamphere

Dale Claude Lamphere




In his 47-year career, Dale Claude Lamphere has created over 60 public monumental sculptures from Washington, D.C. to Burbank, California. His most recent is titled “Dignity” a 50′, 12-ton stainless steel sculpture in South Dakota, where he serves as the Artist Laureate. He recently installed a 23’stainless steel and stone sculpture in Snowmass, Colorado. Additional recent monumental sculptures have been placed in Chicago, Kansas City, Colorado Springs, Omaha, and Dallas.

Lamphere has always drawn inspiration from the land and people of the prairie and mountain environment where he lives. Innovative use of new materials and technologies are often incorporated in his evocative and elegant sculptures.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard named Lamphere the South Dakota Artist Laureate in 2015, a position that has been vacant since the 1983 death of Oscar Howe, who was given the honor in 1954. He is the recipient of the Governor’s Awards in the Arts for Creative Achievement, is the past president of South Dakotans for the Arts, and serves on the board of directors of Arts SD. He was inducted into South Dakota Hall of Fame in 1987. Lamphere has also received the Anna Hyatt Huntington Award from the American Artists Professional League in New York.

See Dale’s Extensive Portfolio Here

By Executive Order of Governor Dennis Daugaard,

Dale Lamphere was named South Dakota Artist Laureate in 2015.

“The vast and varied beauty of our state has inspired painters, writers, poets, musicians, dancers and sculptors to express themselves with passion and excellence. Consistent and disciplined efforts of thousands of people over time have created the arts in South Dakota as they are today. I am honored to be a part of that tradition and to carry it forward.”

Right: Gate of Antiquity (2013) Stainless Steel & Granite

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